Ethiopian Websites

A curated collection of useful Ethiopian websites. Whether you’re interested in Ethiopia’s history, culture, politics, or current affairs, our selection offers a comprehensive overview and in-depth insights. Explore a range of reliable sources that delve into the diverse aspects of Ethiopia, providing valuable information and perspectives on this dynamic East African nation. Start browsing now to uncover the richness and complexity of Ethiopia through our carefully selected reference websites.

  • Online Interactive Ethiopian Calendar with day, month and public holiday views.
  • Reference website about Ge’ez / Amharic Alphabet, letters and pronounciation.
  • A reference website about Ethiopia, History, Languages, Flag and more.
  • Ethiopian online magazine and information hub with online tools.
  • A website about the Amharic language, its origin, history, dialects, structure, writing system and more.
  • Type in Amharic online, send Amharic emails, post Facebook and Twitter updates in Amharic.
  •  Ethiopian food blog with recipes and tips.
  • Latest Ethiopian news and articles from around the world.
  • Ethiopian Orthodox mezmur streaming site with Orthodox mezmur, videos, photos and more…
  • An online Amharic keyboard for typing in Amharic and other Ethiopian languages.